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In 1895, the town of Home, Washington was founded by George H. Allen, Oliver A. Verity, and B. F. O'Dell, three anarchists who were seeking a Utopian commune. It was composed of anarchists, communists, food faddists, freethinkers, nudists, and others who did not fit in with mainstream society. Newspapers, books, and public lectures in Home would regularly address topics like: freedom of speech, world affairs, workplace conditions, equal rights, marriage enslavement, women’s suffrage, free love, diet, yoga, music, drama, emancipation, open religion, atheism, agnosticism, and lifelong learning, thus earning Home a spot on the map as a “colony of anarchist.” Home had its own post office (which was later moved to nearby Lakebay), trading post, stores, social halls, hotels, schools, telephone exchange, and baseball grandstand, all built by the settlers. The downfall of the Home Utopia can be attributed to nude swimming, an issue that split the town in two, and the assassination of President McKinley by anarchist Leon Czolgosz, which sparked riots and threats to burn down Home by Civil War veterans. In 1919, the commune of Home was dissolved.


The history of Home, and the rest of the Key Peninsula, can be found on display at the Key Peninsula Historical Society and Museum, located in Vaughn.

Today, Home is as far away from its past as it can be. It no longer houses an anarchist commune or a nudist colony. Home also has plenty of things to do. Near home, there are three Washington State Parks: Joemma Beach, Penrose Point, and Eagle Island (which can only be accessed by boat). There are also kayak rentals at the Lakebay Marina and Resort. If you’re looking for something to eat or drink, then the Home Port Restaurant & Lounge is a great place to get some Pacific Northwest comfort food. While visiting Home, you can stay at Wisteria Hollows, a 1930's Victorian Manor with three bedrooms, a loft, 2.5 baths, that sleeps 6-12. It is one of three homes between Lakebay and Home on the same property that can be rented separately or as a group with access to 200 feet of private beach on Von Geldern Cove. You can also stay at the Lakebay Marina and Resort, which has cabins, RV spaces, and campsites on the water.

Near Home is a 1,436 square foot, two bedroom, two bathroom home, located on a private five acres, ringed by trees. It is currently listed for $249,950, and is very well maintained.


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